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Book of Edward

Matters Of The Heart
Vol I ISBN 978-0-9768833-0-9

God Does Not Change
Vol II ISBN 978-0-9768833-7-7

Itching Christian Ears
Vol III ISBN 978-0-9768833-2-5

Vol IV ISBN 978-0-9768833-3-3

Four Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-9768833-4-1

Book Of Edward
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Book Of Edward
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Ministry Catalogue
PDF Versions Available

Trinity Dogma

Trinity Dogma - Print
ISBN 978-0-9768833-6-4

Trinity Dogma - PDF
ISBN 978-0-9768833-5-7

Trinity Dogma Website

Seven End-Times
Messages From God

2009 Print Edition
ISBN 978-0-9768833-7-1

2018 Print Edition
ISBN 978-1723818110

2018 Kindle eBook

2018 ePUB eBook
ISBN 978-0463653319

2018 PDF eBook
ISBN 978-0-9768833-8-8

Seven Messages Website

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